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William J. Tasker grew up on Bergen County, New Jersey but has been in New England since 1977 and in the northern reaches of Maine since 1990. After a long career as the creator and manager of the customer support arm for ATX, a tax preparation software company, Tasker is now the Executive Director of the Caribou Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tasker is the author of nine books, most of them local history related and a few childrens’ books. He has also published short stories and several poems in magazines.

Tasker began The Flagrant Fan in 2003 and his blogger site has been growing ever since. He also writes with pride for It’s About the Money, Stupid and MLB Dirt.

Tasker lives with his loving wife (@Weeble9) and is the proud father of two beautiful children: Bill (34 and living in Floriday) and Shaina (17). He can be found on Twitter at @FlagrantFan and needs to get around to doing more with his presence on Facebook.

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6 Responses to About the Flagrant Fan

  1. Wil Walker says:

    My name is Wil Walker and I have a podcast on blogtalkradio.com/wilwalker. Also podcast are available on my website http://www.thewilwalkershow.com, I would like to bring you on the podcast to discuss your thoughts on the upcoming baseball season. My information to contact I put in below. Thanks.

    • William J. Tasker says:

      Hi Wil. I’m so sorry I missed this. I am sort of transitioning to this site from my blogger site and missed this. I would have enjoyed doing your show.

  2. Just wanted to say hi. Read your Bio on IIATMS and was surprised about the similarities. I was raised in Bergenfield, went to Bergen Catholic then Bergenfield HS. Moved to coastal Maine in the 70’s. First in the Camden area then Portland before moving out to NM in the 90’s. I will be following you more frequently now both on IIATMS and the Flagrant Fan. Thanks for the being there for the expat Yankee fans. Ken, Albuquerque

    • William J. Tasker says:

      It was nice to hear from you, Ken. And nice to hear from someone from my old home town. What year did you graduate from BHS? I graduated in 1974, my sister, Denice, in 1970 and my brother, Mike, in 1976. New Mexico is quite the switch from the East! I heard it is beautiful though.

      Thanks again for the note and I’ll enjoy knowing you are visiting here.

  3. Hey. I live in Bar Harbor where I work as a PA in the ER of our hospital. But your bio and posts with Yankee love (I was born in Ridgewood) is eerily similar to me in that nobody really comprehends my baseball obsession and the depth of it- I get all of your references and the Rocky Colavito pitching article gave me chills – and I just want to tell you your articles rock and I am so glad there is someone else in my state who has the depths of baseball love and geekdom that I do. If you are ever down east, beers are on me and I’m at gmurphy1@une.edu just let me know.
    Sincerely, Gordon Murphy, kindred spirit, owner of complete topps and upper deck baseball sets from 1964 to date and unabashed baseball geek who should be in SABR.

    • William J. Tasker says:

      What a great comment to wake up to, Gordon! Thanks so much and if I ever head your way, I’ll definitely take you up on your offer!

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