Cannot give Terry Pendleton a pass on dust up with Johnson

I happened to be flipping through some links this morning and came upon this report of a dust up between Braves’ coach, Terry Pendleton, and Chris Johnson. I found the replay to be quite disturbing.
The problem for me here is that I have no idea of the history that preceded the incident. I do not know if Chris Johnson is a jerk or not. I do not know if he did throw his helmet that supposedly hit Pendleton. All I know is what I see and what I see is a highly physical and aggressive move on the part of Pendleton that was not answered back by Johnson.
How is this different than what happened with Tino Martinez? Pendleton’s actions were in full view of the entire team, a face-losing thing for Johnson. Not only did Pendleton grab Johnson’s jersey, but he pushed him aggressively and I can tell you from experience such a push hurts.
Pendleton is Johnson’s superior. As a superior, you have to restrain yourself. You should never show up an subordinate in front of his peers–or in front of America for that matter.
No matter what kind of guy Johnson is, no matter what happened, Pendleton has to be better than that and he was not. I do not see how Pendleton’s actions go without discipline. As someone who has been in “management” for decades, I found what happened here totally inappropriate and even more than that, wrong.
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8 Responses to Cannot give Terry Pendleton a pass on dust up with Johnson

  1. Anonymous says:

    Adjust your skirt and get over it.

  2. Adjust your skirt and stop hiding behind anonymity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You never said if Pendleton has ever had temper issues-give us all the facts

  4. I don’t know the facts concerning Pendleton’s personality or Johnson’s. I have read that Johnson is a hothead who doesn’t take failure well. My problem is not any of that. My problem is for a management type to physically assaulting an employee in full view of his peers and the television cameras. This should have been handled without the physicality and behind closed doors.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Probably why Johnson has issues now…nobody stepped up to correct his poor behavior before leading to the now. Johnson took ownership to causing the issue and that settles it for me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This issue has already been settled. The only reason to keep it alive is to further create division in the clubhouse. Are you a Braves fan? Have to question your motivation for writing this article.

  7. I wrote this on the day it happened. How is that “keeping it alive?” Transfer Pendleton’s behavior to your workplace. If your supervisor did such a thing, what would happen? I do not really care if it was “settled.” His actions would not have been tolerated in any other work environment.

  8. If i was manager or GM, Pendleton would not be on the bench for a couple of games of the Dodgers series. What he did is unexcusable and he’s lucky to have all of his teeth intact.

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