Mike Trout by the (MVP) numbers

Last season, Mike Trout took the world by storm and became the most talked about player in baseball. Sadly, this season, he is even better but plays on a severely disappointing team and has fallen away somewhat as a conversation leader. By the end of the season, he will bring up once again the age old debate on if an Most Valuable Player Award should go to a player on an awful team. Because of his team, he might lose out on the award he deserves for the second straight season.
To illustrate the point, I am simply going to give you some numbers to give you an idea of how special Mike Trout has been. Here are a bunch of numbers and his corresponding rank in baseball based on them:
  • WAR – 7.6 rWAR, 7.3 fWAR: First in baseball either way
  • wOBA – .424: Third
  • Slugging – .574: Fifth
  • OBP – .424: Third
  • BA – .331: Third
  • OPS – .998: Third
  • wRC – 101: Second
  • Doubles – 32: Third
  • Hits – 143: First
  • Walks – 67: Third
  • Extra base hits – 59: Second
  • Runs – 79: Tied for Second
  • WPA – 3.40: Seventh
  • Base running runs – 6.3: Fourth
  • Stolen bases – 24: Tenth
  • ISO – .243: Tenth
As you can see by the numbers, Mike Trout can do it all. His fielding numbers have fallen off a bit, but otherwise, Mike Trout is the best overall player in the game this year. Now if only the Angels could get some pitching…
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  1. Anonymous says:

    still high picking against the braves he? hehehe

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